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Rules  & Regulations 

Usage rules

In order for our guests to use our facilities safely and comfortably, we have established the following usage rules based on Article 9 of the accommodation agreement. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please note that if you do not follow these rules, we may be forced to refuse your stay, and we may ask you to pay for any damages incurred by the hotel.

1. About using guest rooms

  1. The evacuation route map is posted behind the door of the guest room entrance, so please check it.

  2. While you are in the room, or especially when you go to bed, be sure to open the first floor entrance door, the back door, one hinged door in the living room, two sliding doors, two sliding doors in the standard twin room, two windows, the dining window, the bathroom sliding door, Please lock the 2nd floor loft terrace sliding door, 3 windows, the terrace sliding door in the ballet studio, 2 windows, the washroom window, and the bathroom sliding door.

  3. When someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, please confirm who is there before opening the door. Also, please do not open the door carelessly when a suspicious person visits and contact the Valley View Manager (090-1626-6755).

  4. Smoking is prohibited inside the facility. When smoking, please do so in the designated areas. In addition, if there are traces of smoking or smell of smoking left by smoking, you will be required to pay deodorization and business damages.

  5. Please do not use fire, candles, etc. for heating or cooking in the guest rooms and corridors without permission from the facility. Also, cooking in the guest room is strictly prohibited.  

  6. Do not hang clothes or hang laundry on the lampshade.

  7. It is prohibited to use this facility for purposes other than lodging, such as business activities (exhibitions, etc.) without permission.

  8. Please do not remarkably change the current state of the guest room, such as by moving fixtures in the guest room without the permission of the facility, or by adding or remodeling the guest room. In the unlikely event that equipment is lost or damaged, the actual cost will be reimbursed. Please do not take small items and equipment from the guest room out of the guest room. Also, please do not place anything on the window side that may detract from the appearance of the hotel.

  9.   A long-term accommodation contract does not give rise to legal rights related to housing, such as rent or residence rights.

  10. It is strictly prohibited for anyone other than the registered guest to stay at the hotel.

  11. We do not allow minors to stay alone with or without parental permission.

2. Facility key

  1. When you leave your room during your stay, be sure to take the facility key with you and make sure that not only the entrance door but also the doors and windows on each floor are locked.

  2. Please return the key of this facility to the person in charge when you leave the facility.

  3. If you lose the property key, please contact the Valley View Manager. You will use a spare key until you check out, but in order to prevent the risk of the lost key falling into the wrong hands, such as theft or trespassing, the entire cylinder will be replaced. These costs will be borne by the guest.

3. Payment etc.

  1. Payment will be made in advance by credit card at the time of booking. If it is confirmed that the credit card has not been paid in advance for some reason at the time of arrival, or if there is a charge settlement during the stay, we may ask you to pay in cash. In addition, if you do not pay even if this facility requests it, you may be asked to vacate the room.

  2. Even if payment is received from someone other than the hotel guest, it will be pre-settled by credit card.

  3. We do not pay for shopping, tickets, taxis, postage stamps, luggage shipping, etc.

4. Use of internet communication (Wi-Fi) in the facility

  1. Please refer to "How to set a Wi-Fi password" in the "Facility Guide" when using the Internet communication in this facility. Wi-Fi communication charges are free.

  2. We are not responsible for any damages or troubles that occur when using the internet communication within this facility. In addition, we will not be held responsible for each Internet site that you browse using this service.

  3. If the customer causes damage to a third party, the customer shall settle the dispute with the third party at its own responsibility and expense.

  4. The facility may temporarily suspend the use of this service without prior notice or consent to the customer.

5. Valuables

  1. For safekeeping of cash, negotiable securities, and other valuables during your stay, please use the safety box (free of charge) provided in each room's closet. Artworks, antiques, furs, etc. cannot be used. The safety box can only be used during the period of stay. If you leave the room without permission while using it, you may be charged a key replacement fee and a storage fee. In addition, we may be responsible for the loss of items in the safety box.

  2. Lost items in the facility will be stored by the hotel for a certain period of time, after which they will be handled in accordance with the Lost Property Law.

6. Using the parking lot

  1. When using the parking lot, please let us know the vehicle type and number in advance. The parking lot can accommodate 3 regular passenger cars (free of charge). Parking for more than 3 cars is prohibited.

  2. The parking lot can be used only by the registrant and the guest of the registrant during their stay.

  3.  Do not leave valuables or other items in parked vehicles.

  4.  We are not responsible for accidents, loss, theft, etc. in the parking lot.

  5.  Please refrain from parking on the street.

7. Crime groups, gang members, and cases that may violate public order

  1. The use of this facility by organized crime groups and designated gang members under the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (enforced on March 1, 1992) is prohibited. (If this fact is discovered after making a reservation or during use, we will refuse to use it at that point.)

  2. Use of this facility by anti-social groups and members of anti-social groups (organized crime groups, extremist groups, etc. and their members) is prohibited. (If this fact is discovered after making a reservation or during use, we will refuse to use it at that point.)

  3. Please refrain from using our hotel immediately if you find violence, threats, blackmail, coercive unreasonable demands, or similar acts. Also, please refrain from those who have done similar acts in the past.

  4. When it is recognized that it is difficult for a person using the hotel to secure their own safety due to physical and mental exhaustion, drug use, or loss of self due to alcohol consumption, or that there is a risk of causing danger, fear, or anxiety to other guests. will immediately refuse to use it.

  5. In the event that loud voices, singing, noisy acts, etc., are disgusted or disturbed by others in the facility or in the guest rooms, or if there is gambling or acts that are contrary to public order and morals, we will immediately refuse to use them. increase. In addition, if there is an act similar to each of the above items, we will refuse to use it.

8. Home security system

  1. Our facility is equipped with ALSOK's home security system to prevent damage from intrusion by suspicious persons when you are away for a long period of time. ) indicates that the system has been deactivated. Please note. If you have any questions about the home security system, please contact the Valley View Manager.

9. Please refrain from bringing in the following items or actions that may cause inconvenience to customers.

  1. Pets such as animals and birds. (Excluding assistance dogs) 

  2. Gunpowder, volatile oil, and other combustible or flammable substances.

  3. Things that give off a foul odor.

  4. Firearms, swords, stimulants, etc. whose possession is prohibited by law.

  5. Gambling, behavior that disturbs public morals, or behavior that causes trouble for other customers.

  6. Advertisement, distribution of propaganda materials, sale of goods, solicitation, etc.

  7. Taking photos inside the facility without permission from the facility, and using photos taken inside the facility for business purposes.

  8. Regarding the use of mobile phones, acts that cause disgust and inconvenience to other customers, such as talking in inappropriate places or talking in a loud voice.

10. Please observe the following points in order to enjoy playing Grandpia.

  1. Please refrain from using it if you have no experience playing a grand piano.

  2. If the child playing is elementary school or younger, please be sure to be accompanied by a guardian. by children

  3. Since opening and closing the lid and roof is dangerous, we ask that parents do it.

  4. Performances are limited to 10:00-19:00. Please close the windows and doors when playing. Please be considerate of the campers at the campsite.

  5. In the unlikely event that neighbors or campers complain about the piano performance, please stop playing.

11.Using the jacuzzi

  1. Please use the towels provided in the bathroom.

  2. Please refrain from bringing in food and drinks.

  3. Jacuzzi is non-smoking.

  4. Please wear a swimsuit when using the jacuzzi.

  5. Intoxicated people cannot use it.

  6. Children 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent. Also, children cannot use it alone.

12.Regarding changes to the rules

  1. These regulations fall under standard terms and conditions under the civil law, and each provision of these regulations may be subject to the provisions of the civil law if it is deemed to conform to the general interests of customers or if there are reasonable grounds to require changes. change based on

  2. Changes to these rules will be posted on our website "Accommodation Terms and Conditions of Use" and "Facility Information" provided in the facility, and from the effective date determined at the time of posting. Applies.

August 1, 2022

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