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Company Profile

Facility name

Valley View Residence & Spa Boso Peninsula

Operating company

M&F Associates Co., Ltd.


Head office   6-3-2-3921 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-00,54

Office (Tsukiji) 6-4-5-404 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045

(Kimitsu City) 209-7 Kuritsubo, Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture 292-0435


Mayumi Horie

Date of establishment

August 18, 2006


5 million yen


MUFG Bank Shintomicho Branch

Main business

Management of academic societies, consulting business, hospitality business

Business content

1. Management of the Society

◎Support for medical academic societies

・Holding academic meetings

・Management of secretariat

・Planning and distribution of online seminars

・Operation and management of medical academic societies (Japanese Society of Placental Medicine, Japan Society of Oriental Medicine, etc.)

2. Consultant

◎ Efforts to build a regional circulation and ecological sphere

・Consulting support for the Kazusa-no-Sato Agricultural Stay Promotion Council

・ Microtourism to rural areas

◎ Efforts for green business

・Introduction of greenhouses and wooden structures for horticultural therapy

・Introduction of self-build

◎Hospitality business

 ・Vacation rental management and sales promotion,

・Glamping management consulting


●From August 2006 to the present

As a company that supports paperwork at educational institutions such as universities. Currently, the main business is the operation and management of medical academic societies (Japan Society of Placental Medicine, Japan Society of Oriental Medicine, etc.).


●Started new green business in February 2018

Trying to expand the business in the field of horticultural medicine through agricultural experience based on M&F Associates' experience in managing academic societies. In addition, by utilizing the know-how of in-house human resources who have accumulated hospitality experience, we aim to organically utilize "horticultural therapy" in order to revitalize the local economy centered on agricultural tourism content.

In February 2018, we started a “green business”. In April 2018, he established the "Kazusa no Sato Farm Stay Promotion Council" in collaboration with Kimitsu City and Kazusa area businesses, and participated as a consultant. After that, it will be adopted in July 2019 as an application for the rural development promotion project under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Currently consulting on agricultural tourism content for regional business entities (Kimitsu City) in regional revitalization, development of new demand for lodging (camping, glamping), information dissemination, attracting inbound tourists, maintenance of English notation of facility signs, etc. I am on business.

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